Clothing in Kamikochi

The spring and autumn entrance of Kamikochi is the same temperature as Tokyo's midwinter. Even in summer there are not many days exceeding 20 degrees. Actually it may be colder than you imagine, so you should take one extra clothing.

Points of clothing

Kappa Bridge in the morning of June: everyone is winter clothes.

Adjust by layering
The temperature you feel depends on the morning, evening and daytime, or sunshine, etc. Adjust by wearing clothing in layers.
Long trousers
To prevent falls, wood branches and other injuries, injuries.
Extra warm clothes
Even in the summer, there are days when the morning temperature falls below 10 degrees. If you have Extra warm clothes it is safe.

Clothes during the day for each season

The clothes of people on Kappa Bridge will be helpful.

April - May : It's pretty cold.

Winter clothes, fleece or thin sweater + windbreaker, thin down jacket

April / May of Kamikochi

June - July : due to the weather

The sun on a fine day is strong and hot. The rainy season starts.

June / July of Kamikochi

July - August : in summer clothes

The more people there are parasols. Because it is a highland, the sun is strong and the amount of ultraviolet rays is also high.

July / August of Kamikochi

September - October : early winter

About half of people are wearing a thin down jacket. The temperature may be high depending on the day.

September / October of Kamikochi

November : End on November 15

There are days when snow falls. Closing festival is held on November 15

November of Kamikochi

Closed from December to April

There is no one but monkeys. Of course there is no means of transportation.

December to April