About Kamikochi

"Azusawa river" where thawing water flows, and Traditional suspension bridge "Kappa Bridge". In the background are mountains wrapped in snow. There are many other places in Kamikochi as well. And they look different depending on time and season.

Famous sights of Kamikochi

The most famous in Kamikochi, such as 4 places to see well in picture.

Kappa Bridge

Kappa Bridge and Nippon Alps around May

Kappa Bridge and Nippon Alps around May

Kappa Bridge is a symbolic presence of Kamikochi situated in the center of Kamikochi.

A perfect observation desk where you can see the Japanese Alps in front from the bridge.

If possible, please visit early in the morning, The mountains that move the morning sun are as if the god flew down…

Landscape in early August

Landscape in early August

The snow remaining in the mountains can be enjoyed until about the beginning of July and in August you can enjoy the summer mountains with rocky rocks.

Landscape in early October

Landscape in early October

The autumn leaves peak from early October to mid-peak. In the early morning of early November it seems the end of the season seems to be covered with frost and snow cover.

Taisho pond

Only in the early morning can see this landscape ...

"Taisho pond" that Azusagawa was blocked by the eruption of "Yakedake" in 1915.

Early in the morning, white lake covered with fog, the standing withered trees produce a fantastic atmosphere.

You can borrow a boat and enjoy the excursion.

The surface of the water mirrors the mountains like a mirror

From around September when the air begins to clear, the figure that mirrors the surrounding mountains like a mirror on the calm water surface is also beautiful.

It is a volcano but there is no worry about eruption.

It is a volcano but there is no worry about eruption.

The mountain which stands on the other side of Taisho pond is the active volcano "Yakedake". The eruption smoke from the summit is still seen now.

Tashiro pond

Beauty like an artificially created garden

"Taiyo Pond" located approximately midway between "Taisho pond" and "Kappa bridge".

There are many passers because the name is not known, but it is a spot where you can see the rich and beautiful nature.

Autumn leaves are around the end of September ~

Fresh green in the middle of May, moist wet rainy season, cool summer summer, autumn leaves from the end of September. You can feel beautiful nature in every season.

Taiyo Pond surrounded by fog ice©中西 俊明

Autumn is the most beautiful! Since the freshwater does not freeze, there is also the possibility of seeing a beautiful landscape surrounded by fog ice in November.

Myojin, Myojin pond

In the past, Kamikochi was the beginning of Kamikochi which means "Myojin".

Morning glow of "Myojin dake".©明神館

"Myojin" is an hour to climb moderately from Kappa Bridge.

It is a divine area of ​​"Hotaka Shrine" which worships "Myojin dake" as a god.

"Myojin pond" beautiful nature's shaping©明神館

Two large and small spring ponds where beautiful nature's shapes made by crumbling sand and gravel from Myojinake in the shrine of "Hodaka Shrine" are beautiful.

Popular spots · Highlights

Walking in Kamikochi · Nature · Scenic spots popular during hiking ♪

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"Tashiro Marsh" · Deck

The Japanese Alps from here are the most beautiful

The small wetland "Toshiro Marsh" is in the trifurcated way near "tashiro pond". It is a point that people go and go, so it is becoming a little wider wood deck, the Japanese Alps seen from here is the most popular shooting point that is considered to be the most beautiful in Kamikochi.

"Hotaka and Tashiro Bridge"

Dynamically meandering 'Azusagawa' and 'Hotaka'

Dynamically meandering "Azusagawa"

A small two-bridge connecting Nakanoshima, connecting the left bank of the Azusa River and the right bank. Turning to the upstream direction, you can see the Azusa River and the Japan Alps that dynamically meander. That you can feel rich nature in the downstream direction a perfect viewpoint!

"Shimizu river and Bridge"

Shimizu river and Bridge

Shimizu river and Bridge

A small river "Shimizu River" which flows soon from Kappa Bridge. Flowing water is extremely transparent, and spring water which draws into drinking is flowing. Look at fish underwater from bridge, refresh your mind and body by trying to soak your hands in cold water in the mid-summer.

"Dakesawa Mire"

Dakesawa Mire

Quiet natural exploration road

It takes about 10 minutes to go through the Akesakawa Right Coast natural explorer path that continues from Kappa Bridge to Meijin. A rugged atmosphere like Kamikochi that plenty of dead trees grow in a small wetland in the silent forest. Flowers bloom in summer, autumn leaves are also beautiful in autumn.

"Myojin Bridge"

Myojin-dake to see in front of you is full of power

Myojin-dake to see in front of you is full of power

Myojin-dake to see in front of you is full of power. If you stand a little away from the shore side of Mt. Myojin, you can put the mountain god · shinto body "Myojindake" and Myojin Bridge in the photograph.

"Furu pond"

Hidden popular spot Furu pond

Hidden popular spot Furu pond

About 90 minutes walking from Kappa Bridge. It is a small pond surrounded by trees filled with clear water that gently emerges from the bottom of the lake. There are no signs or guidance. Please be careful that you miss it.


A peaceful atmosphere is comfortable

A peaceful atmosphere is comfortable

A quiet forest for about 2 hours along the river gradually becoming a wild impression from Kappa Bridge. In the middle of May it is a large group of Nirinso,Summer crowded with alpinists,Autumn leaves from the end of September,Every time I visit there is peaceful and idyllic atmosphere is comfortable.

Highlights of walking course

Enjoy a wonderful landscape and nature while visiting sights and sights and walking ♪

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Natural research path
Taisho pond to Tashiro bridge

A refreshing road

A refreshing road

A refreshing nature hiking walking along the promenade leading into the forest while listening to the wild bird's voice. Many people walk in the direction of Taisho Pond → Hotaka and Tashiro Bridge in the time zone of lunch time and crowded, so it is difficult to walk both sides in opposition.

Azusagawa crank
Tashiro bridge to Kappa bridge left bank root

Left bank route passing Azusagawa's dynamic meandering point. A refreshing road where Azusagawa's pure flow is to the left and Karamatsu forest continues to the right. The Japanese Alps will soon come close at hand.

Azusagawa right bank root
Tashiro bridge to Kappa bridge right bank root

It is a promenade along a river that goes through the white birch forest, passes through a small wetland and goes through a bright forest. The time required for Kappa Bridge is the same as the left bank route of Azusa Crank. Choose as you like.

Azusagawa natural excursion road
Kappa bridge to Myojin right bank root

A quiet forest continued, crossing several streams of spring water and spring. Upstream from Kappa Bridge is a nature zone where you can feel rich nature.

Azusakawa left bank road
Kappa bridge to Myojin left bank root

Hiking walking in a refreshing natural forest while listening to the birds' voices. Please walk slowly so as not to be led by the pace of fast alpinists.

Oku Kamikochi Nature Exploration Path
Myojin bridge to Tokusawa

It is about an hour from Myojin to Tokushawa. Seasonal mountain wild plants are blooming at the foot, Azusa River gradually becoming dynamic.It is a trekking zone that enjoys walking itself.