Around Kamikochi

Convenient location where transportation and buses to Kamikochi can be used, It will be worth considering staying around Kamikochi.

Shuttle bus to Kamikochi.

Convenient places are four areas "Hirayu", "Nakanoyu", "Sakamaki", and "Sawando".

Will use the shuttle bus to move from the surrounding area to Kamikochi.

Shuttle bus from each are 15 to 30 minutes ride, Since it departs frequently at short intervals, not feel inconvenient.

There is no station in Kamikochi, cars are prohibited entry. Access to Kamikochi

1. Hirayu Onsen

To Kamikochi 25 minutes by shuttle bus, one of the most hot spring resorts in Japan.

26 Japanese style hotels and inns.

Hot spring open-air bath (image)

Hot spring open-air bath where you can enjoy the scenery in big bath, It is a pleasant stay such as local cuisine and dishes using mountain sea ingredients.

Reservation is possible even on crowded days. Accommodation fee is not as expensive as Kamikochi and you can choose accommodation according to your budget.

Sightseeing spots other than Kamikochi

Shinhodaka ropeway




Climb to 2,156 m above sea level Shinhotaka ropeway, Japan's highest altitude that can go by bus 2,700 m "Norikura Tatamidaira", Takayama city center and Shirakawago tourism, and others You can go by bus from Hirayu.

Worth considering

you can experience Japanese cuisine (image)

If you stay at Hirayu hot springs, you can experience Japanese cuisine and hot springs at a Japanese style hotel that relaxes slowly. Moreover, the accommodation fee is not so expensive.

Worth considering to compare and consider.

Budget is about JPY 10,000 to 25,000 / night / person. (Dinner and breakfast will be served)

Shuttle Bus : Hirayu / Kamikochi JPY 1,160 (one way / person / take 25 minutes)

Hirayu Onsen ryokan association

2. Nakanoyu Onsen Ryokan

Nakanoyu Onsen Ryokan

Japanese style inn near Kamikochi Nakanoyu-gate (tunnel entrance). Nakanoyu Onsen is known as a "secret hot spring." Quiet, lonely atmosphere, likes and dislikes are divided

Budget is about JPY 11,000 to 15,000 / night / person. (Dinner and breakfast will be served)

Shuttle Bus : Nakanoyu / Kamikochi JPY 770 (one way / person / take 10 minutes)

Nakanoyu Onsen Ryokan

3. Sakamaki Onsen Ryokan

Sakamaki Onsen Ryokan

An old Japanese style inn where you feel tradition

Budget is about JPY 12,000 to 14,000 / night / person. (Dinner and breakfast will be served)

Shuttle Bus : Sakamaki / Kamikochi JPY 960 (one way / person / take 17 minutes)

Sakamaki Onsen ryokan

4. Sawando erea

The hotel named "Kamikochi Hotel" is outside Kamikochi

There are several accommodation facilities in sawando, including hotels named "Kamikochi Hotel". It was once flourishing as a key hub of traffic, but now it is devastated.

Budget is about JPY 10,000 to 16,000 / night / person. (Dinner and breakfast will be served)

Shuttle Bus : Sawando / Kamikochi JPY 1,250 (one way / person / take 30 minutes)