Kamikochi sightseeing FAQ

Nature · season · climate etc. (Please the question you want to see.)

It is Kamikochi which makes you entertain nature with different expressions for each season, every 200 days from the opening of the mountain in April to closing in November.

Officially, the fresh green is beautiful from late May to early June, there are many flowers in July and August, autumn leaves are beautiful Early to late October is recommended as a recommended season.
However, the number of visitors is actually "summer vacation period" and "time of autumn leaves".

As the average high temperature in August is around 23 degrees Celsius, you may feel cool in the shade of the trees and cold in the morning and evening, so let's take extra clothes.

However, due to the high altitude, sunlight and ultraviolet rays are strongly opposite, and there are times when you feel that it is hot during the day.

Let's take measures against sunlight such as sunscreen and hat.

Kamikochi is a high altitude with an average altitude of 1,500 m.
Compare with Tokyo, it is 10 ℃ cooler in July August, other season is 15 ℃ cold image.

Kamikochi season, weather · temperature

Clothes of Kamikochi trip etc.

It will enter the rainy season in mid-June and will last until mid-July.

There are few people visiting during the rainy season, and you can monopolize quiet nature ♪
The wet nature in the rain is a very calm atmosphere. It may fit over the fantastic landscape wrapped in a rain fog. If you are lucky with fine weather, fresh green leaves and opportunities for morning mist are also many.

Is June / July the best season?

Although Kamikochi with many annual rainfall, it is due to snowfall in winter and the rainy season does not mean every day or strong rain fall.

The autumnal leaves of Kamikochi that begins with the autumn leaves of the grass coloring flower flowers at the foot color in the middle of September.
The autumn leaves of trees and mountains will have a best time to see in the middle of October and you can enjoy until the beginning of November.

Season of autumn leaves September · October

The morning mist that expects to meet that fantastic scenery.
The mid-August period to the end of September when the temperature difference between the daytime and the morning and evening becomes bigger is the most opportunity.
It is often seen in the morning covered with high pressure or the next morning of rain.

If you exercise hard, breathing may feel a bit painful. There is no problem if it is walking / hiking level.

Since you should have taken time to visit Kamikochi to raise the altitude, there is no worry about altitude sickness.

About walks and hikes (Please the question you want to see.)

No map is necessary. The walking path is maintained, there are also signposts so there is no worry of getting lost.

However, since it is easy to give a rough guide to the way and time of yourself, I think that it will be more enjoyable to take a simple map.

You can also purchase at Kamikochi. (100 yen, profit is used for something Kamikochi)

Heading down the river, the right shore is called the right bank, and the left shore is called the left bank.

Public toilets are modern and sanitary, so do not worry about paper, so be relieved.

Kamikochi's public toilet is a chip system.

I would like to take a few 100 yen coins separately from my wallet.

Bring the garbage you brought in and take it home.

If you bring in garbage that you bought at a shop in Kamikochi, such as a boxed lunch container or a canned drink, you can dispose of it if you bring it to the store you bought.

Clothes that responded to the season, shoes that walked.

It is a flat well-maintained road so it's okay not to get too nervous.

Kamikochi travel clothes and belongings

If it is only around Kappa Bridge, sandals and heels are okay.

There is no coin locker, but the luggage keeping station is in the bus terminal.

Kamikochi luggage keeping station

You can communicate from Taisho pond to Kappa bridge with little problem.

Large bees are being disinfected.

Facilities · Hospitals · Shopping etc. (Please the question you want to see.)

There are stores that sell lunch boxes, treats, beverages in the vicinity of the bus terminal and Kappa bridge.

Let's consult nearby hotels and mountain hut people.

If there is no hindrance to walking by yourself, there is a "clinic" at the bus terminal.

If medicine of cold medicine or adhesive bandage is used, we sell it at the shop of "Hotel Shirakabaso" which is built in front of Kappa Bridge.

There is none.
Many facilities do not accept credit cards, so please bring sufficient cash.

There is no coin locker, but the luggage keeping station is in the bus terminal.

Kamikochi luggage keeping station

There is none.

Please change your clothes by using a toilet etc or using a shower room inside the Kamikochi Information Center (entrance fee: 100 yen) etc.

Shower room