What to bring

Because it goes out to enjoy nature, it is somewhat different from sightseeing in the city. Depending on the staying time and purpose at Kamikochi, the belongings are different.

First check the point of clothing / belongings

  1. With easy walking shoes such as trekking shoes and sneakers.

    Although there are promenades maintained in Kamikochi, many roads are not paved. A tree road, a gravel road, crossing a river, slippery with moss .... in order not to cause injury or accident.

  2. Clothes no problem even if it gets dirty.

    If hiking is a purpose, it is absolutely long pants, but if you do not plan to take a walk, you do not have to worry.

  3. Do not forget rain gear.

Depending on your stay

Sightseeing, walk

For short time sightseeing, or walking degree, you do not have to worry about anything in particular. However, do not forget to bring rain gear even on a sunny day. (The weather will change soon in the mountains.)

See seasonal clothing

Day trip, Half a day

General hiking equipment is necessary. It is a mountain with altitude of 1500 m. Because the climate is very different from the city, please refer to Climate · Temperature · Season and prepare clothing that applied for the season.

Climate · Temperature · Season

Staying in Kamikochi

The temperature drops beyond imagination. Even in the summer, the morning and night may be less than 10 degrees. You should bring clothing that exceeds the cold. There is little light outdoors, so light is also necessary.

Accommodation, Where to stay

Check luggage

There is a luggage storage in the Kamikochi bus terminal. You can hike easily by putting things you do not need for mountain walking.

Check luggage

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Check luggage

Every day 06:00 to 17:00
Kamikochi Bus Terminal · 1F of the building with the dining room on the 2nd floor
Travel bag 500 yen / day · Suitcase 600 yen / day