Only for guests Kamikochi

Nighttime - the Kamikochi of early morning where the gate is closed and transportation is gone. Natural planetarium shines countless stars in the night sky. Early morning mist in the white world that wraps the whole body, Morning glow stained as red as burning, Can not hear anything other than the sound of water flowing quietly...

Kamikochi of midnight

A valley surrounded by the high peak of 3,000 m class, There is only one streetlight in Kamikochi. There is no big city within a radius of 30 km, The lights of the building also block rich trees. In Kamikochi, the night without moonlight is the jet black dark night.

Countless stars spread in the sky. Sound of water that sounds far away, silent night without any other sound.

The darkness that the light of the facility does not reach when walking for a while. After dinner wearing warm clothes, holding a light, Walking Kamikochi completely different from daytime. It will be impressed.

When the mountain burns

Mountain morning glow is an emotional experience

Somewhat before the sunlight is inserted into the valley, There seems to be a high mountain peak burning. It's a morning glow.

Scenes that rarely meet, If you were fortunate enough to experience it, It will be wrapped in excitement.

Morning wrapped in a white fog

It gets more violent white.
(It is too white and does not become a picture)

Early in the morning without hikers, When the whole body is enveloped in fog, the mind is moved by the mystery of nature.

Depth of fog may occur as far as 1 m ahead can not be seen.

The impression will not be conveyed with images and sentences. Even if it is very difficult to make a reservation, Even if the accommodation fee is high, can not experience these unless stay at Kamikochi.