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The average altitude of Kamikochi is 1,500 m. Simple calculation means that the temperature will be 10 to 15 degrees lower than in Tokyo.

Minimum temperatures may fall below freezing in early spring and autumn. Snow will fall until early May and after mid-October, sometimes it will snow. The rainy season is the same as the city and the rainy day continues, but from the summer to the autumn there are few days when the rain falls all day.

Kamikochi highest temperature, lowest temperature, climate etc.

Kamikochi highest temperature, lowest temperature, climate etc.

The ground is a flatland surrounded by mountains of 3,000 meters which are aligned on the periphery.

Kappa Bridge in the morning (July): Winter clothes ~ summer clothes are mixed.

It is an image called a mountain rather than a mountain, but it is the highest elevated sedimentary plain in Japan at an altitude of 1,500 m.

Even in midsummer, the lowest temperature is sometimes below 10 degrees It is an undeniable mountainous area.

Even in the summer, if you plan to stay in Kamikochi early in the morning or in the evening, be sure to take one long sleeve. Also, it is common sense in the mountain area that the weather changes fast. Be sure to bring rain gear.

Kamikochi travel clothes and belongings

Four seasons in Kamikochi

There are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and knowing the climate of each, it will be useful for preparing for the trip.


The season of Kamikochi starts from April 27

The season of Kamikochi starts from April 27.

"Kama tunnel" entrance to Kamikochi that was closed during winter will be opened in mid-April. It is the beginning of the season.

The temperature is low, and the cold remains. The season when the snow covering the mountain strikes.

April / May: the beginning of the season

Early summer / Rainy season

Kamikochi of rainy weather is also wonderful.

It is a wonderful season when clear skies continue from the middle of May to the rainy season. Many flowers are blooming.

Rainy season from the middle of June to the middle of July. It rains everyday, but quiet Kamikochi with few tourists to visit is also nice.

June · July:Early summer · Rainy season


Kappa bridge in summer is crowded

Kappa bridge in summer is crowded

Snow melting water and cool wind of the cold Japanese Alps. The summer of Kamikochi that makes you feel washed your mind.

Kamikochi is the crowded season when travelers are seeking coolness around the Kappa Bridge.

July and August: Crowded summer


The autumnal leaves are centered on golden color

The autumnal leaves are centered on golden color.

The autumnal leaves come down from the top of the mountain, beginning with autumn leaves in the middle of September when the temperature begins to fall.

The autumn tint peaks in October and the days when the temperature during the day does not exceed 10 degrees also starts to gradually increase.

Season of autumn leaves

Closed period

Kamikochi closed on November 15 every year.

A cold long winter where nobody is there besides monkeys. Kamikochi will have a long sleep until April 27th the following year.

November:The autumn worthy to say winter


The tunnel at the entrance is closed from December until April of next year.

In recent years there seems to be an increasing number of visitors to enjoy snowshoes

From December until April of next year