Silence at -20℃ or less

There is no sound at all, it is severe cold below -20℃. There are delicate and mysterious winter scenes, but there is a difficult environment that is not controlled. The avalanche and the possibility of distress are also high, and it is impossible to sightseeing comfortably.

Kamikochi of Midwinter

A strict Taisho pond surrounded by fog ice covered trees, A mysterious Tashiro Pond wrapped in a fog produced by a lake surface not frozen, Kappa bridge where cold air tightens ...

Taisho Pond in winter:©Kamikochi of Silver

Kamikochi of midwinter has no sound at all. It is a winter mountain where you can not even feel the sign of animals as well as humans.

The signposts are buried in the snow, and several tens of centimeters of snow are piled up overnight. Of course it can be a crisis of avalanche, as well as snowstorms.

It is not managed nature like enjoying snowy fields comfortably.

Enjoy with snowshoe hikes

Limited to accompany pro guide. Because it is to protect nature and its own life.

Tashiro Pond in winter

You will find footprints of small animals remaining on the snow surface. You may encounter monkeys living in the harshest wintering areas in Japan.

Midwinter Kamikochi has a different charm from spring to autumn.

But, As well as water and food, all necessary equipments must be brought in by themselves. It is necessary to be equipped for winter mountain, then it is very big and heavy.

Even if something goes wrong, I can not even ask for help easily. Pro guide and accompanying only. Please enjoy at your own risk.

Winter entrance rule (official)

In the winter of Kamikochi weather conditions are likely to change, avalanches, falling rocks and snowstorms are at risk. In order to protect ourselves and protect the natural environment, we must observe the following.

Winter mountain map in winter

Winter mountain map in winter©

  • Always submit mountain climbing notifications.

    The submission box is in "Nakanoyo gate".

  • Attention to avalanche · falling rock · blizzard.

    There are many avalanches between tunnel and Taisho pond.

  • Feces uses winter toilet.

    There are 5 toilets available in winter

  • Do not step on the wetlands.

    It affects vegetation. Do not walk off the road or sidewalk.

  • Will build a tent at the Konashidaira campground.

    Do not enter the site of the facility.

  • Take away food and garbage.

    There is a danger of affecting the behavior of wildlife.

  • The forest course is closed to traffic.

    Do not enter because there is danger of wood path aging, stepping out etc.

Contact: Matsumoto Natural Environment Office
Phone 0263-94-2024

Although it says many times, it is not a natural environment that can be enjoyed easily. There really is an accident happening.