June · July Early summer to rainy season


A fine day continues in the beginning in early June. The season when the most flowers in Kamikochi bloom. From the middle to the rainy season. It will be great if you can go when you can enjoy both because flower type changes.

Season when many flowers bloom in Kamikochi.

From the middle in the rainy season

Temperature / Climate
Maximum temperature during the day: about 17℃
Early morning minimum temperature: around 7℃
Point of clothing

Winter clothes ~ spring clothes (During the day sunlight is strong and I feel warmer than the actual temperature.)

In the morning below 10℃

Clothing of June and July.

Event etc.
First Sunday in June "Weston Festival"
A celebration of the Japanese mountain party that remembers Lord Weston who named the Japan Alps. It may be noisy rather than lively. It might be better to avoid this day

The rainy season (June · July)

Until the middle of July it is the rainy season when it rains like every day. It is not heavy rain, but if you have rain gear you can enjoy it enough.

Normally the river where clear water flows also becomes muddy stream when it rains.

On sunny days, exhilarating scenery spreads.

Temperature / Climate
Maximum temperature during the day: about 20℃
Early morning minimum temperature: around 12℃
Point of clothing

Spring clothes such as long sleeve shirts. If you walk, we recommend rain gear and shoes that are solid for climbing. Sunny light is strong on sunny days, so summer clothes are fine as well. (UV protection required)

Event etc.
It is the season when the river flooded and the landslide was affected by typhoons and others. Please pay attention to the latest information.