July / August Most crowded season

July / August

The average maximum temperature in August is 23 degrees! It is about 10 degrees lower than Tokyo, and the temperature is lower than Sapporo City!
Although it may be thought that "It is cold in summer clothes", since it is a mountainous area with an altitude of 1,500 m, the amount of ultraviolet rays is large and the sun is strong, so you will not feel as cold as the actual temperature.
However, in the early morning, it is not uncommon day less than 10 degrees. You should bring your clothes for wearing.

To the extent that it gets cold when entering the forest

Tributary water is clean and drinkable

Temperature / Climate
Maximum temperature during the day: about 23℃
Early morning minimum temperature: around 12℃
Point of clothing

In the daytime it is OK with summer clothes such as polo shirts (it is cold it in the morning and evening)

T-shirt in the daytime OK

Be sure to hold a hat.

Event etc.
First Sunday in June "Weston Festival"
A celebration of the Japanese mountain party that remembers Lord Weston who named the Japan Alps. It may be noisy rather than lively. It might be better to avoid this day