Kamikochi is closed on November 15


The morning and evening days will become many days falling below zero. No matter how warm we are about 10 degrees. The hotel and cafeteria are open until the closing of November 15th. I do not feel anxiety or worry, but everything in the morning is full of frost and it is completely white. Depending on the climate, it will snow and sometimes snow.

At November the atmosphere of early winter. With winter in layers

November is a winter clothing layer

Kamikochi Closing Festival where snow falls (November 15th of a certain year)

Closing festival of a certain year

Temperature / Climate
Maximum temperature during the day: about 10℃
Early morning minimum temperature: around 0℃
Point of clothing

It is very cold.

Event etc.
November 15 Closing festival (thankfully acknowledged, a priest dedicating a sake to Azusa river)