Where to stay?

Do you want to stay in Kamikochi or want a cheap stay? Is it possible to sleep unless you are in bed, is not it a problem with Japanese style futon? There is also the idea of ​​backpacker style and camp.

Know the unique nature of Kamikochi

First of all we need to know about the unique nature of Kamikochi.

From evening to next morning, traffic is completely blocked. As a result, natural phenomena that can only be seen in the late night and early in the morning can not be experienced without staying in Kamikochi.

Kamikochi which can not be experienced if it does not stay

Mountain climbing base

Nature of early morning late night can not be experienced unless guests stay overnight

In addition, Kamikochi accommodation has rules specific to mountainous areas.

Being the base of the Japanese Alps climbing, Many people enjoy early morning nature, No BAR or PUB to be open at night, Everyone inevitably acts early in the morning. Although it is not a rule, it is common in Kamikochi to go to bed early in the evening and act from early morning.

With your favorite style

in Kamikochi

Generally choose by location.

Cheap stay

Stay like guest house, or backpackers


Campground and cabin in Kamikochi


Ideas to stay in the surrounding area

in Kamikochi

Dinner and breakfast included, from JPY 20,000 to 45,000 per person per night.

In the crowded season like the weekend, the price is more than doubled as compared with the weekday in the rainy season.

All hotels are not uniform prices, but they vary somewhat depending on popularity, location, service content.

However, you will not feel as worth as much as to spend so much money on a night. As I will never recommend it, only the following two items will be introduced about hotels in Kamikochi.

Kamikochi Teikoku Hotel

Kamikochi Teikoku Hotel

©Kamikochi Teikoku Hotel

One of the most historical and formal hotels in Japan. It makes me feel that it is a mountain resort without excess or deficiency. A high-quality and comfortable stay is promised.

There is no doubt that it is very expensive, but more satisfaction and memories are obtained. The only difficulty is that it is extremely difficult to make a reservation.

Cheap stay

If you do not have a problem in a companion room with another traveler like a guesthouse or a backpacker rather than a private room, you can stay with a reasonably reasonable budget.

Tokusawa Lodge

©Tokusawa Lodge

Tokusawa Lodge

Budget : JPY 10,000 / night




Budget : JPY 12,000 / night

Kamikochi Teikoku Hotel

©Kamikochi Alpen Hotel

Kamikochi Alpen Hotel

Budget : JPY 9,720 / night




Budget : JPY 9,500 / night

Nishiitoya sanso

©Nishiitoya sanso

Nishiitoya sanso

Budget : JPY 8,500 / night

Kamonji goya

©Kamonji goya

Kamonji goya

Budget : JPY 8,000 / night

Since it is accommodation fee with dinner and breakfast, it seems to be considerably worth compared with the price of the private room. The contents of the meal are the same as in the private room. Even the crowded period is the above price.

Although it may not be said that it is equivalent to backpackers and guest houses.