Camping at Kamikochi

In Kamikochi, there is a campsite near Kappa Bridge and Tokusawa. There is also meaning of nature conservation, camping outside 2 camp sites is forbidden.

If you do not have camping equipment, Or if camping is unfamiliar, There is also a fixed tent and cabin.

Camping Rule

  • NO Open Fire (ONLY at Fire Pit in cooking building)
  • Share tables & bench
  • Be quiet at night (Quiet Hours : 9pm - 6am)
  • NO littering

Although it is slight, it is necessary to use the fee of the campground, but facilities such as shops selling food items and gas cylinders, baths and cafeterias can also be used.

1. Konashidaira Campground

15 mins from Kamikochi Bus Terminal, along Azusagawa River, Konashidaira Camping Retreat locates in birds-singing woods.


Konashidaira Campground

NO booking necessary for camping with your own tent.

Don't have sleeping bags & tent matts? Forgot to bring in a kettle? Never expected cold temprature in August? Need extra roof for your tent? Camping in rainy season? Don't worry, we rent wide range of camping equipments, cookingware and useful gears No booking is necessary.

Budget : JPY 800 / night / person


FIXED tent is "Already-Set Up" tent and to be pre-booked. Nothing inside the tent, so that you have to bring your own tent matt and sleeping bag, or we do rent camping gears. FIXED tents are located in a part of campground area. This rental tent is good for those who are beginner campers and/or don't have tents, but want to enjoy camping.

Budget : JPY 6,000 / night / tent (Max Cap. 4 Guests)


Cabins are self-catering/service rooms. All facilitates gas kitchen, pans, frying pan, cooking utensil, rice cooker, small fridge, dishes and cutleries, along with detergent in kitchen. Japanese futons, duvets and blankets are in the closet. Futon sheets and pillow covers will be provided while checking-in.

Budget : JPY 4,500 / night / person


There are various facilities that you can spend comfortably in the camp site.

Tokusawa Lodge


NO swimsuit allowed to get into our bath.
(JPY 600)

Tokusawa Lodge


Serves Japanese meals, nudles, and drinks. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner each time zone)

Tokusawa Lodge


Has wide range of items, beers, wines, Fresh Veggies, Frozen Meat, Rice, Pasta, Canned, Snacks, Gas, etc.

Konashidaira Campground

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2. Tokusawa Campground

Tokusawa Campground is located in the Tokusawa area of Kamikochi. We are surrounded by nature and have a great view of Mt.Hotaka. It takes about two hours on foot from Kamikochi Bus stop. (about 4.35miles)

Tokusawa Campground

NO booking necessary for camping with your own tent.

Not sell ingredients and any items.

Facility : Draw water, and Public toilet,There is no bath (it's possible at adjacent Tokushawa Lodge JPY 800)

Tent(for 3 - 4 people JPY 7,500), Sleeping bag (JPY 2,000), Blanket (JPY 500), Mat (JPY 400), are possible to rent.

Budget : JPY 700 / night / person

Adjacent lodge "Tokusawaen" is managed. You can also have a meal in the dining room.

Tokusawa Campground

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