Direct Express Bus

Between Nagoya and Kamikochi there is a direct Express Bus. From Nagoya to Kamikochi is overnight bus, arrive early in the morning.

Meitetsu Bus

Meitetsu Bus

Meitetsu Bus©Zondag2000 CC BY-SA 1.0

It's a bit disappointing that the seat is a bit cramped, but JPY 11,310 for a round trip is very reasonable.

Because it is a overnight bus from Nagoya, there is plenty of time to enjoy Kamikochi even on a day trip.

Together sightseeing such as Takayama and Shin-hotaka, and more is also possible.

To Kamikochi (Overnight Bus)
From Nagoya 23: 00 / Next morning 05:15 arrival to Kamikochi JPY 7,200 / one way / person
Via Shin-hotaka Ropeway and Hirayu Bus Terminal, both are JPY 6,170 / one way / person.
To Nagoya
Kamikochi 16: 30 departs / Nagoya 21:15 arrival JPY 5,660 / one way / person
Via: Hirayu Bus Terminal 16:55
Round trip discount
Nagoya / Kamikochi round trip JPY 11,310
Nagoya / Hirayu Bus Terminal round trip JPY 10,290

Meitetsu Bus "Kamikochi Line"