Direct Express Bus

From Tokyo (Tokyo St., Shinjuku) and Osaka (Umeda, Shinosaka) · Kyoto you can use direct express bus "Sawayaka shinshu-go".

Sawayaka shinshu-go

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Express bus "Sawayaka shinshu-go" is direct to Kamikochi, Easy to use without worrying about transit and troublesome.

Seats can be chosen from "Green-car" which can sit slowly and "Standard-car" at reasonable price.

In order to enjoy Kamikochi early in the morning, night buses to Kamikochi are basic.

Standard : JPY 6,200 / person, Green : JPY 8,000 / person
Tokyo Sta.
Green : JPY 8,400 / person
Osaka, Kyoto
Standard : JPY 7,200 / person, Green : JPY 9,000 / person

It has drawbacks, it is hard to use

In order to use this bus, you have to make a reservation in advance.

However, the reservation system is limited to Japanese, and there are very few days when the seat is vacant.

If it can be reserved it is close to the locus ...